Where are you heading?

Where are you heading?

Without a destination new resolutions and actionable goals lose their power.

Your destination is likely to change over time.   Storms will blow you off course and desperate times will require you to deploy the lifeboats.  And yet, a heading gives purpose and clarity to goals and plans.  At times disruptions will move you further along, once you recover from the unexpected.  You are more likely to recognize them as opportunities if you have a destination in mind.

Start with a 5-year perspective. 

Individual Solutions.  How to be your own best self.  How to make your life work for you.  

So much of our lives is not our choice.  We are born into a certain family, at a given time and place.  The adults in charge of our early years shape so much about us.  The society we live in, and the language we speak, teaches us who we are in this world.  And yet, we have choices.  In little and bold ways we can make our own decisions.  We live with the consequences of those decisions; those we love, and those we regret.  We learn.  We grow.  We share.